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Email Listservs are moving!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Hi all,

The attached flyer is coming home in student folders today and summarizes what's in this email.

Download PDF • 355KB

It has become prohibitively difficult to guarantee message delivery to all listserv subscribers using our current listserv hosting provider. This has made it more difficult to post messages from the PTO to the community, and has also affected the utility of the franklin-parents-discussion list by dropping messages silently to many subscribers.

After a review of existing listserv-like solutions, we've settled on using the Discourse platform (not to be confused with Discord!) hosted by CommuniteQ as a listserv and forum provider going forward, and that platform is now available for use. We've spent the last few weeks testing signup procedures and posting procedures, and we're now ready to migrate over.

The new home of the Franklin listservs is:

The Franklin PTO will cease to post to and at the close of the 2022-2023 school year.

What's Coming Next?

- Expect to receive an invitation link email from shortly if you're a current subscriber to these lists. The subject line will be "Franklin PTO Lists are moving! This is your invitation to migrate to the new email lists".

- You will need to make a new account to subscribe.

- If you are accustomed to the current email list solution, you can continue to use the new lists in the same fashion; once registered, see for instructions on how to do so, with screenshots.

- If you're familiar with Discourse and prefer other ways to interact, they should all work too.

- If you run into trouble, please:

- Create a post on the support channel, if you are able to register:

- If you are not able to register, please email either graham ( or the PTO address (

A Huge Thank You to:

- Nisha Karna, Miles Fidelman, and Mike Halle for their years of support, web hosting, and moderation work for

- Emilie Chang, for valuable beta testing of the new lists, and gamely posting to the existing lists to guarantee the emails got through all year!

- The rest of the PTO board for beta testing the signup procedures.

- Mike Halle again, for helping identify a new hosting platform, and for the kind use of the domain

Thank you all, and see you all on! - Graham Voysey 2022-2023 Franklin PTO President

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