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Teacher Appreciation Week - Today's Theme: "You Make Us Bloom"

Today’s Teacher Appreciation Week theme was "You make us bloom” and a huge thank you to room parents who brought flowers to classroom teachers and aides!

The PTO also delivered flowers to all of the non-classroom staff at Franklin today: the literacy specialists, math interventionists, psychologist, building aides, principal, ELL teachers, OT, PE teachers, music teacher, art teacher, librarian, inclusion facilitators, social worker, speech & language, behavior interventionist, nurse, learning center, and METCO counselor.

Thanks so much to Mo, Susanne, and Dawn for helping to distribute these beautiful blooms around the school this morning! It was like a floral shop on wheels and the staff loved picking out their favorite to keep!

Also pictured below are some of the lovely florals that went to classroom teachers today! For more behind the scenes photos, follow our Franklin PTO Facebook page!

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