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Lucky Notes Day! March 17th (Cohort A + DLA) & March 18th (Cohort B)

Updated: May 19, 2021

Lucky Notes Days are next week on March 17th and 18th! We want to spread the love to our teachers for all of the hard work they have done this year. Let's let them know how lucky we are to have them! Here is a PDF called Lucky Notes with an area at the bottom that says "I am lucky to have you as a teacher because...".

Download PDF • 850KB

Please print it out, cut out the rectangle at the bottom, and have your child fill it out. Print and fill out as many "lucky notes" as you'd like to! In place of a print out, your child can make a homemade note on a piece of paper, or even just write a thoughtful email! Your child interacts with so many teachers and they have all done an incredible job in this challenging year. For teachers that are not seen in-person, just take a picture of the note and email it to them on March 17th!

Wednesday, March 17th - Cohort A can bring the notes into school and hand them to their teacher. DLA families can take a picture and email it to their teacher!

Thursday, March 18th - Cohort B can bring them into school and hand them to their teacher!

We know teachers would really appreciate receiving these handwritten notes, and the PTO is helping to organize some extra special treats/supplies for the staff break room as well! If you'd like to help contribute, click here:

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