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Crossing Guard & Bus Driver Appreciation Day is Friday, June 11th!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Hi Franklin families!

Crossing Guard and Bus Driver Appreciation Day is Friday June 11th! On Friday, June 11th, we will show our crossing guards and bus and van drivers how much we appreciate their help getting to school safely. They have been with us through the pandemic, shifting schedules multiple times and keeping us safe throughout.

Please help your child make a thank you note and give it on your way to school on Friday, June 11th to your crossing guard or write a note to your bus driver. Your note can be simple: "Thanks for helping me get to school safely!" You can use the card that will be provided in your school folder next week. If you need an extra copy and want to print it out at home, here is the PDF. They will appreciate it so much!

Download PD • 748KB

Newton Safe Routes to School will organize celebrations with pre-packaged snacks and drinks and Safety Superhero buttons at both the van yard and the bus yard for the 130 bus/van drivers and will distribute buttons to the 56 crossing guards spread across the City.

Want to help purchase and deliver flowers to your favorite Franklin crossing guard? We need your help! We are looking for THREE volunteers to help shower our Franklin crossing guards with some extra love on the morning of Friday, June 11th!

Here are the names of our Franklin Crossing Guards and their locations!

Bob Hill - Derby Street ( in front of school)

Joan Leary - Cherry Street @ Derby Street

Ken Sutton - Waltham Street @ Derby Street

Thanks so much!

-The Franklin PTO

UPDATE: Thanks so much to everyone who contributed flowers, cards, and gifts!!

Here are a few pictures of the day!

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