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Dining for Dollars Fundraiser with Ward 4 Restaurant - PTO gets 15% of sales!

Mark your calendars! On Wednesday, November 3rd, plan to skip the cooking and enjoy delicious food from Ward 4 Restaurant in Auburndale and support the Franklin PTO! Our "Dining for Dollars" fundraising event is on Wednesday, November 3rd, from 4pm - 10pm. Dine in or order takeout by calling 617-964-5800. You must mention "Franklin" when ordering on the phone or dining in. The Franklin PTO will get 15% of sales!

To see their menu, check out their website:

They have items like wings, tacos, burgers, steak tips, crisped Brussels sprouts, short ribs, pub fries, bolognese, and more!

Thank you for your support of the Franklin PTO and this new restaurant! The owner is a former Franklin family!

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