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Drumlin Farm CAS Program for 2nd graders!

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The 2nd grade class at Franklin had a visit last Friday from Mass Audubon (Drumlin Farm) as part of a PTO-sponsored Creative Arts & Sciences program!

During the program, students learned about weathering and erosion and how this might impact our world. How did they learn about this? The best way possible - experimenting with sand and soil on the classroom floor! Students were challenged to build a structure around the sand that could protect it from the simulated wind (provided by some turkey basters). They were given a similar challenge of protecting soil from rain to avoid a landslide.

Ask your 2nd graders what objects they used to accomplish these feats and whether or not they worked!

Thanks so much to our CAS Co-Chairs, Allison Player and Helen Makadia, for organizing this program and to our parent volunteers, Betty and Susanne, for helping on Friday!

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