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Franklin Flocking Fundraiser!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Welcome back to 2020-2021, Franklin families!

2020 is STRANGE. And to kick off a different sort of year, the Franklin PTO is doing a different sort of fundraiser! WHEN: October 5 - November 13 WHAT: Flamingos on your front lawn WHY: Why not? It's 2020! HOW: Read on...there are three ways to participate


Beginning 10/5, four lucky Franklin families will awake to find flocks of Franklin green flamingos roosting in their yards.  These plastic friends will stay for two days, during which the flocked families will have the opportunity to send them on and "flock a friend" for a $25 donation to support Franklin Elementary.

   For an extra $10, families can also find out who sent the birds their way:

Once you are flocked, you have immunity from future flockings. Regardless of whether or not you choose to flock another family, the feathered friends will disappear after 48 hours. A flyer will accompany the birds with a flocking link and directions. Should you wish to avoid being flocked, anti-flocking insurance is available for $15. The link for anti-flocking insurance is here: Please see the flyer below for more information, and look for the flocks on Monday, 10/5!

The fun only lasts until November 13 Questions? Email us at

-The 2020-2021 Franklin PTO Board

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