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Franklin Flocking Fundraiser! The flamingos are coming back May 1st!!

Hey Franklin!

We just spotted some green flamingos flying north and the birds are due in Newton around May 1st. The Franklin Flamingos are back from a warm winter down south and they are excited to spread their wings and see more of our community, so if you are interested in flocking a friend between May 1st and May 23rd, then this is your chance.

For $25, you can send these green flamingos to roost in another Franklin family's yard for two nights before they fly onto another home. As before, you are welcome to buy flocking insurance if you'd rather not have a visit from our green friends ($15). The birds were wildly popular last spring and the number of lawns they go to are limited!

Returning this spring is our MEGA FLOCK! You can arrange to have all the Franklin flamingos engulf your friend's yard plus garner a festive Franklin balloon display (everyone with a May birthday just got really nervous). This Mega Flock is a limited special edition so grab your date now, we are looking for a minimum donation of $100 for this amazing flocking experience!

I want to flock to my friend! Please click here to flock or mega flock your friends:

I need Anti-Flocking insurance! Please click here to keep the flock away:

Looking for some Franklin Flockers! We are looking for some volunteers who want to flock and have some fun in helping the birds navigate to their next house. Flock with a friend, yourself, or make it a fun family flocking night! If you have a few times where you can help us make sure the birds arrive safely, please click here: (it's a secret, so shhhhh!)

*Although you should know, if you happen to get flocked, you are able to buy the top secret information of who the heck flocked you, but until you ask ($10), the flocker's identity will be protected!


Jay Civetti - Head Flocker

Franklin Elementary PTO


We will be updating the Franklin PTO's instagram account (@franklin_pto) with flock sightings! Follow us and tag #franklinflock2022 on your own flock sightings!

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