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Franklin PTO Dues Impact Week!

The goals of the Franklin PTO are to build community at Franklin, support relationships between families and educators, promote communication within our school community, and raise funds to be used to enhance our children’s school experiences.

This week, during the Franklin PTO Dues Impact Week, we are highlighting some of the ways in which PTO dues support our school, teachers, and students. Each day, you will hear from a different community member - teachers, parents, students - about how funds from the PTO have had an impact on their Franklin experience.

We have a big goal to raise $15,000 in one week, and we know we can get there with your help! Donate today!

We are asking each family for a minimum donation of $75, though gifts of any size truly make a difference for our school. Plus, with a $75 minimum contribution, you’ll receive a hard copy of the Franklin Directory!

If just 40 Franklin families support the PTO at the $75+ level each day this week, we will reach our goal by this Friday!

PTO Dues directly support our Creative Arts & Sciences programming for all students throughout the year, Staff Mini Grants, The Library Fund, Understanding our Differences, Staff Appreciation, and so much more.

Did you know? Many employers match charitable donations! This is an easy way to double your financial impact on the Franklin PTO! Please contact Amy Horsman, PTO Treasurer, for more information.

Thank you for your support!

- The Franklin PTO

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