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Franklin PTO's Virtual Trivia Night: Thursday, Feb. 25th 8-10pm

Updated: May 19, 2021

Franklin’s Virtual Trivia Night is BACK!!

Thursday, February 25th, 8 - 10pm

Just because we have to stay apart physically, doesn’t mean we can’t come together over a shared love of knowledge and some friendly competition. You stay home – the Franklin PTO will bring the trivia to you! The game is virtual, but the trivia is very real.

Here is what to do:

Create your virtual team (maximum of 10 teams): There is a 6 device/team limit, and 6 player max per team (including those who live together).

The cost is a $15 donation per person to play. This will help the PTO cover the cost of the game and supplement fall/spring fundraising.

Timeframe: 7:30-10:00pm

  • 7:30pm Login to Zoom

  • 7:30-8pm Stump Trivia Hosts will set your team up to have its own private chat rooms for discussion of answers

  • 8:00pm Virtual Trivia Starts

  • 10:00pm Game ends and winning team announced

How it Works:

  • This will be hosted by a STUMP Trivia host(s) and will be done through the platform Zoom. Zoom is completely free to download and very easy to sign into

  • Each team will consist of 6 players (10 team max). We ask that all players register with a team of 6 if possible. If you don’t have a team or can't find 6 players, you can register as an individual and either we will assign you to a random team that is not fully filled yet or you can also do it yourself via the link you are given once you register

  • Each player must log on to zoom in order to participate unless all players are in the same location at the time of the game (ex: a family of 6 live together)

  • The host asks/presents a question via the slideshow and then sends teams into a private "breakout room" - each team has their own private room where they can see and hear their teammates and discuss what the answer might be. They are allowed 2-3 minutes to come up with the answer

  • The teams then come back to the main room and the designated team captain sends the answer to the host via a private chat message in Zoom. The host then reads/presents the answer, asks the next question and teams go back to their breakout rooms to discuss - rinse and repeat

So join us on February 25th at 8pm (7:30pm login) as we ZOOM our way to a virtual night of friends, laughter and competition!

-The Franklin PTO

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