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Franklin staff break room update & Lucky Notes Day for Cohort B TOMORROW!

Updated: May 19, 2021

Hi Franklin families!

Wow!! Thank you to everyone who donated supplies and treats to our wonderful Franklin staff today. We had a huge variety of chips, candy, seltzer water, granola bars, oatmeal, Girl Scout cookies, yogurt, popcorn, fresh fruit, paper towels, plastic cutlery, and chocolate for them, and we tried our best to organize it all in their break room this morning! Here are PTO board members, Jessica & Amy, with the table of treats!

Also, don't forget, Lucky Notes Day continues tomorrow, Thursday, March 18th with Cohort B!! Attached is a PDF called Lucky Notes with an area at the bottom that says "I am lucky to have you as a teacher because...". Please print out the PDF, cut out the rectangle at the bottom, and have your child fill it out. Print and fill out as many "lucky notes" as you'd like to! In place of a print out, your child can make a homemade note on a piece of paper, or even just write a thoughtful email!

Download PDF • 850KB

Thank you all so much! -The Franklin PTO

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