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Franklin Turkey Feather Day & Food Drive! Monday, November 22nd!

Hello Franklin! Next Monday, November 22nd, we are looking forward to a fun part of our school's Thanksgiving week traditions! All students are invited to participate in our annual custom of decorating a feather - in any way they like - and all of the feathers collected will be added to the big collective turkey we create together! All students should have already received a print out of the feather in their folders. On Monday, November 22nd, have your child bring their decorated feather and come hand it to us in front of the school between 8:00AM and 8:20AM. It will get added to our big and impressive Franklin community turkey :)

Our decorated Franklin turkey last year in 2020!

For several years running, Franklin has done a one-day food drive in conjunction with the Thanksgiving season, in acknowledgement of the giving back to our community this season celebrates. We have always worked with the wonderful Centre Street Food Pantry, and this year they have let us know of specific needs they have for their Kids Club Food Drive. You can choose to fill a brown handle grocery bag (double bag please) with the following seven items, OR bring one or more items from the list to school and we will create the bags :) - 1 cereal box - 2 packs applesauce cups - 2 boxes granola bars - 2 boxes mac n' cheese - 1 large bag of pretzels / chips - 1 jar peanut butter - 1 jar jelly All donated items should be brought along with the decorated turkey feather to the front of school on Monday, November 22 from 8:00AM - 8:20AM.

Here is Franklin first grader, Emma, out at the grocery store with her Kids Club Food Drive checklist!

Also if possible, walk to school those days :) Thank you as always to the Franklin community!! With gratitude, Jackie & Ranjani The Social Action Committee

Feather Print Out 2021
Download PDF • 1.33MB

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