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Our Fun Run raised $10,001.27 for RIAC Boston! Principal Chitty got a pie in the face!

Happy last day of school!

At the final all school meeting today, we celebrated Rose Shapiro’s retirement and also found out the total raised at the Fun Run for the Refugee & Immigrant Assistance Center…. $10,001.27!!

Wow!!! Thank you all so much for your generous contributions! We actually raised just over $7,000 for the fun run and an incredible last minute donation yesterday brought the total to $10,001.27!

All of the top fundraisers from each class were announced and the lucky pie thrower’s name was drawn from a jar: 4th grader, Sylvie Adams!

It was a cherry pie, with a whole can of whipped cream, and sprinkles on the top! Thank you for being such a good sport Mr. Chitty!!

Rose Shapiro received 22 roses for her 22 years at Franklin!

Sylvie Adams gives Principal Chitty a pie in the face!

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