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Thank you for a successful Drive for Five

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all of your contributions to the Drive for Five to support the Newton community freedge. I was thrilled that our community was able to gather about a dozen bags of food and personal care products (not including any donations that you might have brought to the freedge yourself) - these were added to the freedge pantry in batches over the course of the day yesterday. Pictures of the pantry are attached - you can see it is packed full, thanks in part to your generosity!

Although this drive is over, the freedge (420 Watertown Street) is open 24/7 and everyone is welcome to go visit and “take what you need, leave what you can”.

Thank you again, and stay tuned for more social action projects coming soon!

Ranjani Paradise and Jackie Savage-Borne

Franklin Social Action Committee co-chairs

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