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Thank you!! School Appreciation Day & Newton Serves

Dear Franklin Families,

Thank you to the volunteers who helped out with Franklin School Appreciation Day over the weekend! We put 4 gallons of paint, 8 cubic yards of mulch, 3 wheelbarrows and more than 25 volunteers to work to complete 7 requested projects and lots of outdoor weeding and mulching. We even had a visit from Mayor Fuller herself as we were one of many Newton SERVES project sites.

Our Incredible Volunteers:

Sarabeth Broder-Fingert with help from Zoey, Ilana & Kai Alexander, Marco & Elena Boccia, Paul Bryce & Mendy Miller, Wendy Cadge & Deborah Elliott & Nate and Risa Elliott-Cadge, Dave Chadwick, Emilie & Lucas Chang, Mark Chitty, Kate & Charlotte Civetti, Ben Crosby, Ellen, Tim & Tess Darcy, Adam & James Espinoza, Carrie Evangelinos, Melissa Hafner, Evelyn Carolina Lavarreda Diaz, Javier & his baby brother, Laura Luo, Jay and Julian Makadia, Marybeth & Emery Morris, Jules & Evan Myung, Zeke & Oliver Phillips, Katherine Rivera, Santosh Shanbhogue, Julia Malakie, Sabrina & Thai Tran, Ayumi, Maki & Masaya Yoshikawa and last but not least Moe Zuniga and his painting supplies & expertise.

We feel an immense sense of pride in our work and gratitude for this community. Thanks to all who participated!

- Siobhan Crosby & Jessica Allen

For more pictures of our School Appreciation Day & Diaper Drive events, head to our Franklin PTO Facebook page!

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