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The Franklin Friendship Walk is TODAY at 10:45AM!

Hi Franklin families! OUR FRANKLIN FRIENDSHIP WALK IS TODAY at 10:45AM!Buddy classes will walk together, side by side, through our school's neighborhood in our first ever Franklin Friendship Walk! It's a cold one today at 37 degrees at that time, so please make sure the kids bring coats and even hats/gloves! They will follow a one-mile route with continuous sidewalks and we will invite families to be spectators along the route from front yards or on the sidewalks across the street. At the walk's end, students and staff will enjoy a special activity with their buddy classrooms. THE ROUTE: Franklin Field > West on Derby St > Parmenter Rd > Falmouth Rd > Arlington Rd > Arbor Rd > Cherry St > Russell Rd > Franklin Field Spectator tips!! Know someone that lives along the route? Text them to see if you can join them in their front yard, or connect with some friends and pick a spot to meet on a sidewalk across from the route! Falmouth Road and Russell Road are both narrow without a lot of car traffic so you'll be able to have a great view! Hope to see you all outside supporting our students on this special walk today!

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