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WECO Weeks Fundraiser! Jan 16 - Feb 10th!

Enjoy Dinner & Support the Franklin Elementary PTO!

WECO chefs cook delicious, fresh dinners each day in local kitchens, and we hand deliver them to your door in time for dinner, Monday - Friday.

For four weeks, from Monday, Jan 16th to Friday, February 10th, every WECO dinner you enjoy helps support the Franklin Elementary School!

It's simple. Each Wednesday, we'll send you the menu for the following week. You pick the dinners you want, for the nights you want them, (starters, desserts, and breakfast too!). When you enjoy dinner, the school community benefits, because WECO will donate 10% of the bill to the PTO. A nice little din din for the win win!

Enter your email here so that you can get the menu drops on Wednesdays!

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