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Franklin PTO Dues Impact Week: Creative Arts & Sciences

Last year, PTO dues funded a much-anticipated Zoom with Ruby Bridges, American Civil Rights Activist and the first African American student to integrate an elementary school in the South. All fourth and fifth grade students had the chance to participate, many expressing lasting impressions:

“Something I learned from the Ruby Bridges presentation was Ruby's perspective in real life. Many books have been written about her and she even has her own autobiography, Through My Eyes, which my class along with all the other classes that came to the Ruby Bridges zoom read. While writing, writers will often use very formal words that they wouldn't normally use in conversation including Ruby. So it was exciting to see how Ruby actually spoke in a conversation and how her answers differed from the facts in the books. I don't remember everything she said but I do remember how much I enjoyed hearing others' questions that weren't included in the book such as, "What was your first impression of the people standing there, protesting while you were just trying to get into school safely." Ruby answered with "I couldn't really have a first impression, 6 year olds are small and there were these guards standing over me. I couldn't really see the people protesting but I could hear them. And I was so confused."

- Molly Beal, Franklin 5th Grade Student

Donations to the PTO fund engaging Creative Arts & Sciences programming for our students! In past years we have brought in Zoo New England, storytellers such as Len Cabral and Kemp Harris, tree ecologists and beekeepers, and American Civil Rights Activist Ruby Bridges. We are excited for many more educational and inspirational programs this year!

Support the Franklin PTO Today!

After 2 days of our Dues Impact Week, 59 families have donated, and we have raised over $5,989!! We have three more days to make a tremendous impact on our children’s Franklin Elementary experiences! Let’s go, Franklin Falcons!

Did you know? The Franklin PTO brings in close to 20 Creative Arts and Sciences programs per year spread across all grades! This is the biggest PTO-funded school effort, totaling over $16,000 per year. These programs truly enrich each student’s academic year at Franklin!

Thank you for your support,

- The Franklin PTO

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